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Who has access to the super search?

  • All users with the permission Super search can access it

Use the super search

  • You use the regular search field in the app, simply type your search and switch to the super search by clicking ORGANIZATION.svg

What is the super search?

The super search is an organization-wide search that lets you find numbers, users, etc. for quick and easy administration.

Simply put, the super search combined with other permissions such as Personal Settings enables smoother administration.

Possible to search for:

  • Answer groups
  • Mobile numbers
  • Landline numbers
  • Users
  • IVR

Examples of usage:

  • You want to view all landline numbers connected to a certain user:

    When searching with the name of the user you will be able to view all connected numbers, possible to edit those if needed.

  • You want to edit the answer group "Switchboard":

    When searching for the answer group you will be able to view the group and the numbers connected to it. Possible to edit the group settings if needed.

  • You want to change another users activity status:

    Search for the user in question, and then expand it to make the changes to the activity status.

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