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Release notes Telink 1.12.0

  • QUICK_NAVIGATOR.svgUpdate live: 2021-11-10
  • SETTINGS_GEAR.svg Platforms: All 

What's new?

  • We've updated the file sharing. It's now possible to add (via icon or drag & drop) files and add a message, add multiple files and preview stuff. 

  • New awesome emoji settings. It's now possible to choose your favorites and have them easy accessible for quick reactions. You can also set the skin tone. Here's the emoji settings

  • You can now add photos from your local library, URL not needed any more.  

  • You who use TTS for sound files already know Sven, Maja, Liv, Brian, Emma and more. Now you can also get to know our new friends Elina (Finnish), Lene (Danish) & Lycke (Norwegian). Text to speech can be used for voicemails, welcome messages etc. 

  • If you don't want to show your number for your colleagues, we now made it possible to hide it. 

  • We've updated the menu for when purchasing i add-on. 

  • You can now share a survey result directly in a chat / channel

  • More dynamic Android notifications is live. You can now answer a chat from the notification and mark it as read.  



Bug fixes & alterations

  • The scrolling in the chat was living its own life sometime, jumping up and down between messages for some users. We found the problem and fixed it. 

  • The old legacy menu is now terminated. Users who still used it will now have the new menu we launched a while back. 

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