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Who can access survey?

  • All organisations regardless of PBX-package can purchase the licences
  • Pro users may be addad as a survey users

Access survey

  • To access survey, click SURVEY.svg


What is survey?

Our survey tool is a powerful add-on which allow you to conduct an unlimited amount of surveys. 


There is one type of license and it is one per user. The license is called:

  • Survey 

The license will not lock on to a users. You can at any given time choose the move the license to another user.

Purchase licenses

Survey is not included in any package, you need to purchase the licences before you can distribute them to users. Follow the guide under Add-ons to purchase the license. 

You need to have the permission Account to be able to purchase any add-ons.

Survey question types

The survey tool have a lot of question types to fit all needs for your surveys. 

    • Yes/no
    • Multiple radio buttons
    • Multiple checkboxes
    • Text response
    • Likert scale
    • Semantic scale, 5 answers
    • Semantic scale, 7 answers
    • Visual analog scale
    • Selector
    • Date
    • Time
    • Number input
    • Matrix question

Survey teams

  • A team is where the survey will be published, and can only be viewed and edited by members of that team. If you are a member in several teams you can change team when working with surveys. 

    Each team will have their own templates, lists, plan and results.

  • To choose which team you want to view and edit:

    1. Click on the team at the top
    2. Click on the team you want to view and edit

Survey templates

  • A survey template is exactly what it says, a template for surveys. You can use it to create standard templates to measure your NPS, check in with your employees etc., generally speaking all surveys that you are planning to do more than once. 

    You can edit templates, see guide below.  

    1. Click ADD_SQUARE.svg
    2. Give the template a name, e.g. NPS 
    3. Add a welcome message
    4. Add your content, i.e. your questions, images, embedded media, etc.
    5. Under advanced settings, you can add a thank you message & choose to have numbered questions (Toggle on ON.svg / off OFF.svg ) 
    6. Click done (if you are in advanced settings)
    7. Click preview if you want to inspect your new template
    8. Click save
  • If you need to edit an existing template you can do it, follow these steps: 

    1. On the template you want to edit, click EDIT_PEN.svg
    2. Do your changes
    3. Click save

    You can also copy a template and edit that one, simply click COPY.svg and give it a name

Participant lists

  • A participant list is a list of all the people you want to answer different surveys, e.g. a customer list, a list of all your employees etc. 

    When creating a survey plan you can import a participant list. 

    1. Click ADD_SQUARE.svg
    2. Give it a name, e.g. customer list
    3. Add participants (Manually, from contacts, import from file, paste from list)
    4. Add variable under advanced (optional)
    5. Click save
  • You can edit an existing participant list. Expand the one you want to edit EXPAND_RIGHT_GRADIENT.svg

    You can: 

    • Change the name
    • Add participants ADD_ROUND.svg
    • Remove participants CROSS.svg
    • Edit a participant EDIT_PEN.svg
    • Change the advanced settings
    1. Expand the list EXPAND_RIGHT_GRADIENT.svg
    2. Click delete
    3. Click yes

Survey plans

  • A survey plan is the actual survey. Under plans you create a survey, choose templates & participants and more. 

    1. Click ADD_SQUARE.svg
    2. Give your plan a name
    3. Select a template (the questions) or create a new
    4. Choose between a closed or public survey
    5. Add participants preferable a list you have
    6. Choose if it is a anonymous survey
    7. Choose to require BankID authentication for access to the survey
    8. Choose how to invite (email, SMS, other i.e. via the app)
    9. Set a reminder if needed
    10. Edit the advanced settings if needed
    1. Expand the survey plan
    2. Click delete
    3. Click yes
  • The participants will no longer be able to access the survey. All existing answers will remain available.


  • This is where you will find all the answers, to view them: 

    1. Expand the right survey plan EXPAND_RIGHT_GRADIENT.svg
    2. Under participation, click show results
    3. You can filter on all participants or selected participants (if not anonymous)
  • You can view the non-responders by expanding the list. You can also click "Get list of non-responders" to download an excel-file. In the view you can, by clicking VERTICAL_ELIPSIS.svg : 

    • Open the survey as that participant, then you can help them answer the questions over phone etc.
    • Copy this participants's invitation link
    • Re-send the invite
    • Send a note
  • If you have any variables in your surveys, this is where you will find those answers. 

  • Under results, click on the XLS, a download will start. 

  • At the bottom of the results you can choose to delete it. Participants will no longer have access and the results will also be deleted. 

    Download the results for safekeeping and store it amongst your other stuff before deleting the survey.

Delete items

  • This is where you bulk delete survey items. You can delete: 

    • Templates
    • Participant lists
    • Plans
    • Answers

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