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Who make a call?

  • All users 
  • All guest users (VoIP-calls only)


With the app, you can quickly call your colleagues, contacts and others, and with the push of a button, you can switch to a video call. Thanks to the app's smart call handling, you can also turn an ongoing call into a conference where you can mix video calls with regular calls.

How to make a call

  • In the side menu:
    1. Click NEW_CALL.svg
    2. Type number or select contact
    3. Click PHONE_LYING.svg
  • At the bottom menu:
    1. Tap NEW_CALL.svg
    2. Type number or select contact
    3. Tap PHONE_LYING.svg

How to turn a call to a conference 

When you are in a call you can switch to a conference. Click CONFERENCE_CUSTOM.svg and the call will become a conference instead of a regular call. 

Learn more about the functions in a conference here

How to make a 3rd party call

Follow this guide

Make calls elsewhere

To make calls accessible and quicker we have made it possible to make them from: 

Display number

Follow this guide under the headline numbers

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