Conference 101

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Welcome to the 101, lets get started with the general settings when you are in a conference.

General settings

  • Choose whether you want a reminder with a quick join option for upcoming meetings or not. The reminder is visible in the app (desktop and mobile) and lets you connect easily.

    1. Click on SETTINGS_GEAR.svg, choose personal settings, and then expand the list PHONE_1.svg Telephony & Conferences
    2. Click on Video Conference
    3. Under the Quick join - alert, toggle on ON.svg to enable or OFF.svg to disable the function (on by default)
    4. Edit the display time (If needed) (2 minutes before & after by default)

    The Quick join button disappears once you have joined the conference. No matter what device you have connected with.

  • When joining a conference via the app or browser your camera will be off

    • To turn your camera on click VIDEO.svg and your default camera will be active
    • To change your camera click video_switch.svg
    • Choose the camera from the list and you are done

    You can change and star devices to make them your default ones.  Learn more about it here.

  • Click on your camera image and then on VERTICAL_ELIPSIS.svg to access the video settings. This is where you choose the size you want your video to be. Choose between three different modes.

      • Regular suits best when you are alone in the picture
      • Wide is best suited to conference rooms with several participants
      • Auto uses automatic detection of multiple faces. Auto mode sets size based on the number of people detected, zooms and pans to keep users' faces centered

    Choose from the following video effects.

    • To turn off an effect, click none
    • Background blur blurs your background, you can set how effective the blur should be.
    • Cover Photo displays the image you have selected as default under personal settings
    • Logo Wall a background with your company logo
    • Under each video effect, you can use the feature enchance lightning. It makes you brighter which is useful when you sitting in a environment with poor lightning
  • When joining a conference via the app, browser or a phone call your mic will be on

    • To mute your mic click MIC.svg
    • When you are muted it should look like this MIC_MUTED.svg

    To change devices during a conference:

    • Click SETTINGS_GEAR.svg
    • Followed by HEADSET.svg
    • Choose your microphone & speaker from the lists
    • You can toggle off OFF.svg the background noise suppression. It's on ON.svg by default

    You can change and star devices to make them your default ones.  Learn more about it here.

    Background noise suppression applies to calls made via the desktop and Android app.


  • To start presenting your screen:

      • Click SHARE_SCREEN.svg
      • Choose what screen or window you want to share
      • Click select

    You cant share your screen from a mobile device

  • If you want to invite more people to a ongoing conference you add both internal and external parties. 

    • Click ADD_PERSON.svg
    • Select a contact or type a phone number 
    • Click PHONE_LYING.svg
    • If the person answer they will join the conference 
    There is more ways to invite people to a active conference. Read more about it under Settings -> Conference info below
  • You can record a conference in the app (audio only). To start a recording:

    • Click VERTICAL_ELIPSIS.svg
    • Click RADIO_ON.svg
    • To stop a recording press the same button
    • After you have finished you will find the recording in the call log

Settings SETTINGS_GEAR.svg

To access the settings in a conference click SETTINGS_GEAR.svg

  • Call participants will show you all participants in the conference. You can add more people to it by pressing USERS.svg

  • In the conference info you will find multiple ways to invite more people to a conference.

    Via pin code:

    • The HASHTAG.svgis the unique pin code to the conference
    • Click COPY.svg to copy it
    • If you give it to a user they can join the conference at any time via the dialer (new call -> conference pin)
    Send a link to the conference:
    • The LINK.svgis the unique link to the conference
    • Click COPY.svg to copy it
    • If you give it to a user they can join the conference at any time via the app or browser
    Via phone number:
    • Click COPY.svg to copy the phone number
    • Give the phone number and the unique pin code HASHTAG.svgto the person you want to be able to call in
  • If you click HEADSET.svg you will access the devices. If you want to change the mic, speaker or camera just click EXPAND_DOWN.svg
    and choose from the dropdown list.

  • Switch between dark dark_moon.svg or light light_sun.svg background by toggling the switch

  • Click SETTINGS_GEAR.svgto to access the conference settings. Here you can set the video mode for your conference. Which means that we can adapt the image stream we send depending on your connection and or CPU.

    You can choose whether you want the presenter at the bottom and other participants at the top of the conference view. ON.svg / off OFF.svg(on is default)

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