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Release notes 1.21.0

  • Update live: 2023-06-15
  • Platforms: All

What's new?

  • A huge work has been done in our answer groups, it’s time to get to know new answer groups.

    Agent & Supervisor views are removed and have been replaced with a Detailed View and an Overview

    Detailed view:

    1. Enhanced Answer Group list with additional metrics (Current waiting time, ready agents & waiting calls)
    2. New compact design of metrics in Dashboard, multiple metrics available under view settings
    3. New agent list view displaying agent status (logged out, current activity status or ready for calls) Possible to customize view under view settings. Supervisors can now see answered calls & wrap-up time usage in this view.
    4. One unified Call history list replacing the old one (voicemail, missed calls and call history). Possible to cutomize your view under view settings. E.g. view only Missed calls & Bounced calls
    Added a new tab that shows live status of selected answer groups, similar to the top-part previously found in analytics.
    1. New compact design of metrics in Dashboard, multiple metrics available under view settings
    2. Current waiting time displayed bellow the answer group
    3. New design on agent group view with more information such as waiting & ongoing calls, ready & busy agents.
    Graph: The updated graph is available in both detailed view and overview. It’s removed from analytics.
    1. New call categories added (bounced, redirected, voicemail, followed up)
    2. More details available on hover over a dot in graph (referred from & followed up by
  • We’ve added more metrics to analytics and removed the live data graph from this tab (moved to the new detailed view and overview)

    1. Possible to add more metrics
    2. Option to add/remove metrics under categories
    3. Updated charts including new categories (bounced, redirected, voicemail & followed up*)
  • We have added the option to schedule a chat message in a direct chat and a channel!

    • Set time and date for your message
    • Only visible to sender before scheduled time
    • Possible to send immediately by pressing “send now”
    • Scheduled messaged can be deleted before set time
    • Message scheduling is enabled when sharing messages, call logs, emails, survey results to chat
  • Send SMS via the app. Available via call log, contact page and plus-button.

    • Send SMS to multiple receivers via Contact Group
    • Setting for display number and custom ID
    • Send SMS from an answer group
    • SMS forwarding for fixed number (when connected to a mobile number)
  • Hello enterprise companies! We have now added Cost Centers to the app. Set it up on available billable entities.

    • Connect user licenses and subscriptions
    • Invoice settings, per billable entity
    • One invoice per cost center
  • An optional delay is added to activity status settings that allows the user to receive calls for a brief time before the call is handled by any incoming call routing (i.e voicemail etc).

    Use case: When you have a busy activity status you can still receive calls before your call routing rules apply. Useful when you are expecting important calls or need to be available for other reasons.

    1. Incoming call → 5-second delay → you answer the call
    2. Incoming call → 5-second delay → no answer within set delay → routing rules will apply
  • We have added more functionality to the scheduling part of the app.

    1. Option to give the schedule a name, eg. “Summer schedule 2023” for a better overview
    2. Replaced the “Always open” toggle with new direct access to “Opening Hours” section in Create/Edit view. From here, choose between Always open, always closed or Schedules.
    This allows better control over schedules for a specific time period, and allows you to add multiple deviations eg. Easter & Christmas schedules.
    1. Can be open/closed over entire time period
    2. Can be open/closed during weekdays
    3. A schedule can be active from a date and a certain time until a later date and time
    4. New “No ending date” checkbox.
  • Choose to mute notifications in a channel for a specific time period or until you unmute the channel.

  • Change a user ID (email) or ad an alternative one (mobile number). You now have the option to only use mobile number if needed or the combination of mobile number and email.

    • Mobile number allows sms for invites and when you need to reset a password
  • 0-9# on keyboard are now active in dtmf dialog. Making it possible to navigate in IVR menus via keyboard.

  • New personal setting allows you to hide (or show) placeholder for deleted messages in chat channels


  • The flow chart enables a lot of sweet features. Such as follow up calls with a comment. This is an important step in our vision to create a “Contact Center light”. When active:

    1. See different kinds of bounced & missed calls
    2. Follow up missed and bounced calls with an optional comment
    3. See detailed agent status (ready/busy) and when agent returns from busy status
      Ready: logged in & ready for calls
      Busy: logged in, but in a call, receiving distribution attempt, in busy status that ends within 5 minutes or in wrap-up time
    4. Animation on Busy agent about to become ready
    5. Outline animation on agent in a call (green) and receiving a distribution attempt (blue)
    6. Talk time counter on hover on agent
    7. For a call, see the number of distribution attempts per agent, per agent group
    8. View settings for controlling which parts of the Flow Chart to show
    Activate experimental Flow chart: In Edit answer group → View → Expand Flow Chart → Toggle on
  • Display current waiting time with a pulsating red outline when the current waiting time gets above a certain threshold. Displayed on:

    • Detailed view (answer group list)
    • Overview - included answer groups
    Activate experimental Waiting time alert: In Edit answer group → View → Expand Waiting time alert → Toggle on
  • When active our AI will transcribe new personal voicemails, will include entire transcription in email and summary in push notification. Both full transcription and summary available from call log.

    Activate: Personal Settings → Look & Feel → Experimental → Toggle on Transcribe voicemails
  • Now possible to break out some dialogs in a separate windows to increase productivity and get a better overview. Now possible to break out:

    • Activity status (from avatar menu)
    • Quick dial
    • Chat channel
    • PDF viewer
    • Calls and conferences
    • Answer group dashboards
    • Super admin and onBehalfOf
    Settings control automatic break out a call or video conference if app is minimized.

    Personal Settings → Look & Feel → Experimental → Toggle on breakout windows Known issues: Key shortcuts do not work in breakout.

Fixes & changes

    • Smoother loading of PDF viewer
    • Fixed some cases where link preview images didn't load
    • Fixed a bug where docked views could cover a fullscreen conference
    • Show an agent's state according to if they are in call/distribution/wrap-up time or not
    • Fix for displaying correct billing number when editing answer groups
    • List item
    • Excel export of search selection now contains some new data
    • Two new columns (Bounced - bounced type & missed - missed type)
    • Fixed a issue where connecting an email account for a new user could result in notifications even if email sync was turned off.
    • New default settings for incoming call handling of mobile numbers
    • Mobile numbers get the same handling as fixed numbers, but with a Delay of 25 seconds
    • Fixed an issue where the keyboard on android would sometimes cover the input field.
    • Stopped using polyfill for date picker and started using native pickers on all platforms.
    • Jabra headset integration: Fixed an issue where the headset integration would not load at all on windows when shared .dll where missing.
    • Jabra headset integration: Fixed an issue where placing a call while a incoming call was ringing would answer the incoming call and dial the outgoing call, resulting in two ongoing calls.
    • Jabra headset integration: Fixed an issue where attended transfer sometimes didn't dial out the second call (or in some cases placed an empty call to the second callee).
    • Fixed a problem with soundfiles getting stuck as "in use". When an answer group or ivr is removed the soundfiles used in routing should now be released as well.
    • Changed design of checkbox, radio, and toggles across the whole app for a more uniform look.
    • Added settings for default outbound number type to organizations. Numbers of the default type will be used if available when it's necessary to automatically pick a new outbound number from the users list of numbers.
    • Fixed a problem where the last open tab was not remembered when restarting the app/client and chat was always opened instead.
    • Fixed a problem where chat messages could end up in wrong order when scrolling more than a year back
    • Renamed G Suite integration to Google Workspace
    • pdated emoji fonts to version 14 (Solves emoji vertically off center alignment on MacOS)

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