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What is an advanced contact list?

With it you will be able to sort, group and include contacts according to your needs. This allows you to get a better overview of your contacts.


  • Choose between prioritized & structured sorting of your contacts:

    • Prioritized sorts currently based on your starred contacts
    • Structured sorts manually based on the choices you make. Choose to sort by first or last name, as well as ascending or descending
  • You can also choose whether to group your contacts for a clearer overview. Choose to group by:

    • Internal contacts: group by user data
    • External contacts: group by organization
    • Private contacts: group by source
    • Shared contacts: group according to contact group
  • To create an even clearer overview, you can also choose what you want to include among your contacts. Even if you choose not to include anything, it remains searchable. You can choose to include:

    • Colleagues
    • Guests
    • IVR menues
    • Answer groups
    • External contacts
    • App contacts
    • O365 contacts
    • G Suite contacts
    • Shared contacts

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